SOLD - A Passing Memory - Pony Watercolor Painting

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6"x6" equestrian watercolor painting on watercolor paper. "A Passing Memory"

This is an original 6"x6" sized equestrian themed watercolor painting by Jessica Drake on watercolor paper of two miniature ponies drinking water from a pond in their pasture.

This painting was painted from a memory of miniature ponies that my daughter and I frequently pass by as we drive home from church on Sundays. I passed by one morning and saw a black and white pinto pony standing next to a cute chesnut mare and they were so adorable together standing there with their reflection in the pond that I captured the moment in my mind and decided to paint them. Here is "A Passing Memory" - the result of this moment.

Sold as-is without matting or frame so you can present it in your home or office the way you want.