Paracosm - Dappled Gray Horse - Original Arcylic on Canvas Abstract Equestrian Large 3'x4' Painting

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This listing is for an original piece of art. Once it is sold, it is gone! There are no others. First come, first serve. Payment plans can be arranged. 

This is an original, large 3' x 4' sized acrylic painting on stretched canvas. It is ready to hang, but you can frame if you prefer that look. This unique, abstract painting by Jessica Drake depicts a a dappled gray Andalusian horse galloping through bright red poppy flowers and other wildflowers in a surreal inspired landscape. This colorful painting is an attractive and eye-catching piece with vibrant colors and is a personal favorite. I have decided to offer this beautiful, loved painting for sale to help fund our farm's efforts towards the preservation of the rare akhal-teke horse through training, showing, and breeding our horses.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review