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*** We have lost two members of our family this past week. Just wanted to mention that orders may be slightly delayed because of this. Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support of my artwork and small business. I still have bills to pay and your orders mean the world to me especially at times like now!

I am experiencing technical difficulties with the contact form. If you do not get a reply from me, please contact me via Facebook.

* All sales are final.
Due to our products being made on demand for each order, NO returns/exchanges are possible
, except in the case of product defects, in which case a replacement will be sent at no extra charge. Defective products are defined as anything that has arrived broken or damaged, bad stitching or rips/tears, or printing that is blurry. Exchanges for different sizes, you dislike the fabric, or how the color looks are not possible as there is no inventory to "swap" products out with to do an "exchange" with because each order is made on-demand as ordered and a new product would need to be made which costs more. If you have questions about a product, please ask before ordering so you can be sure you are getting what you are wanting. I want everyone to be happy with their orders, but please understand I cannot take returns/exchanges on products simply because someone does not like something.

* Sales and discounts are not available retroactively for orders placed prior to an item going on sale.

If you have Questions about our products or services, here is a short list of some frequently asked questions:

Q: I sent an email through the contact form but did not get a reply, how can I contact you?
A: You might want to check your spam folder. However, you can also visit our facebook page and send us a message from there! Sometimes emails get lost in spam and might be missed. Click Here to visit our page.

Q: I like one of your products. but I would prefer to get it in another color. Is this possible?
A: YES! Just contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Q: How long does it usually take to receive my order?
A: Usually it takes 5-8 business days for products to be produced, but some can take longer. This does not include the time for shipping. This time period can be longer during periods of high volume such as Christmas and other holidays (or other reasons such as family emergencies etc. that don't allow me to "work" - The Painting Pony is run by just one person and sometimes things don't go as planned). Larger orders may also take longer to produce. Please order early for time-sensitive dates. (and add a note to your order that you need it by a certain date).

If you have any other questions, please use the form below.
The Painting Pony is a very small business run by just myself. I am also a stay at home mom, running a horse farm and home schooling, so a phone number is not listed as I am not always able to take calls. I do reply as promptly as possible to all emails and am happy to answer any questions you may have!