Spring Foals Collection - 3 original horse paintings set

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Price: $265.00
Original artwork set of 3 different watercolor paintings - only 1 set available. Usually ships out in 5-8 business days.

Product Overview

This is a collection of 3 individual original watercolor paintings by Jessica Drake. Two 6"x6" sized, and one 9"x12" sized. "Spring Foal" "Mare and Foal" and Playful Foal." Framing in images displayed is a digital rendering
to show how they would look on display. These paintings are sold un-matted and un-framed so you can present them the way you want without having to remove any pre-existing frames or matts that you dislike. These are unique and original equestrian paintings and once they are sold, they are gone!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review