Art Originals by Buddy

New Paintings are added as they are created so if you don't see something you like, or the painting you like has been sold already, please check back again later as something new may show up.

All paintings come with a CD with the pictures of Buddy painting that is included in the price of the painting to authenticate each piece of art. Every painting is also given a coat of a UV-Resistant clear acrylic coating to help protect your painting from the damaging effects of sunlight.

What previous customers have to say about Buddy's art:

"Buddy's paintings aren't only beautiful, but they are an inspiration to me. My dog has Cushing's disease just like Buddy and it's very hard on the spirit. Buddy's paintings are so full of color and happiness that they add a glimmer of hope and joy into my often dark world of Cushing's Disease. Thank you Buddy for bringing some color back into my world."
- S. Dubick in Tennessee

"Just thought I'd let you know I recieved the painting today. Its gorgeous! Thanks so much, it will look great in our new house."
- Karen in Canada

 "I received the painting and it is more than I anticipated. It is wonderful and gives me such happiness to look at it. Imagine - Buddy painted this. This is very special and I can't wait to explain my new artwork to friends and family. Thank you again."
- Kathy in Georgia

 "Buddy's painting arrived safely last week. I was so excited to open the package and actually see a painting by a horse. I love it and finally bought a beautiful gold frame for it today will proudly hang Buddy's work of art in some place of honor in our home. Thank you for the things you included, the picture, note, and information about the artist. Great talking to you."
- Barbara in New York

 "Thank you very much! The paintings that Buddy did arrived in perfect condition and I love them! Good luck to you and Buddy with his health problems. I will be watching your website from time to time. Also, thanks a lot for the pictures. They make the paintings even more special!"
- Laura in Kentucky

 "I received the painting yesterday and it is lovely. I didn't tell my husband about ordering the painting until it arrived and I told him the story about Buddy. He got a kick out of it and especially likes the gravel treatment. It adds to the charm of the painting. We are anxious to frame it and put it in good spot in our home where we can enjoy it."
- Gail in Wisconsin

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