SOLD Flopsy Cotton Pony "Sweetie Pie"

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SOLD Flopsy Cotton Pony "Sweetie Pie"

MADE IN THE USA lovingly by hand

The Painting Pony has collaborated with a talented artist in the USA to bring to you these lovingly made-by-hand and super-special designer stuffed ponies! Each pony is one of a kind and carefully designed and put together by hand by an artist in Arizona. They make a wonderful first toy for a young child or as a memorial keepsake for a loved one. These wonderful ponies are sure to become an heirloom where ever they go!

This pony's name is Sweetie Pie and features a pretty pink floral pattern all over her body and a coordinating colored mane and tail made of soft yarn. Pretty buttons attach her legs to her body so they can be positioned to sit or stand on your bed, couch, or displayed on a shelf! Once Sweetie Pie is sold, she is gone forever; there are no others like her.

- Stands about 14" tall.

- has movable limbs